2023 is in full swing and the latest fashion trends have made themselves known. From oversized leather jackets to sheer crop tops, the “it” clothing items are all over the place when it comes to aesthetics and style.

In order to ensure that your jewelry matches EVERY outfit you wear this year, we put together this helpful guide. We’ll highlight some of the current trends and some of the jewelry pieces we have in our collection that would be a perfect fit!

When it comes to everyday jewelry, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, it’s important to consider the occasion you’re dressing for. If you’re heading to the office, you’ll want to choose pieces that are more professional. On the other hand, if you’re going out for the night, you can choose something a bit more daring.

Once you’ve decided on the occasion, it’s time to start looking for pieces that will match your style. Whether you’re into classic pieces or something a bit more modern, there’s something for everyone. Here at Honeycat Jewelry, we offer a wide variety of pieces that are perfect for any occasion. From delicate rings to bold necklaces, we have something for everyone.

When it comes to wearing jewelry, it’s important to keep in mind that less is often more. If you’re looking to make a statement, choosing one or two pieces is usually enough. If you’re looking to add a subtle touch of sparkle to your look, a few simple pieces can go a long way.

Cargo Pants

Yes, cargo pants are back! And you know what that means — pockets, pockets, pockets! 😊 It’s great to finally have pockets for our makeup, wallet, keys, and everything else we find ourselves bringing everywhere. But these aren’t just any cargo pants. The cargo pants in 2023 are sleek, colorful, and made with high-end material.

With such bulky and vibrant pants, you’ll want to style your cargo pants with a sleeker and more subtle top. This means a dark, loose sweater, a black crop top, or a tight, tan body con shirt. Then you’ll want to wear some simple earrings to make sure everything is balanced.

Cargo Pants

Everyday Jewelry to Wear:

Bestie Ear Cuffs: These may be simple, but adding an ear cuff will give you an edge and spice up your aesthetic. This is the perfect balance to a pair of cargo pants, giving you a tough look while still maintaining a feminine touch.

Hera Greek Hoops: These geometric hoops will give your cargo pants an urban aesthetic that’s stylish and fun. While they have a fun pattern, these earrings are still small enough to not become the star of the show.

Sheer Clothing

Sheer clothing is in! No matter your size or shape, sheer clothing will make you look bold and sexy. This could mean a sheer black top with a colorful bra showing underneath, a sheer skirt with a cheeky bottom peeking through, or even a sheer jacket, allowing you to show your entire outfit! This look has already been made popular by celebrities all over the red carpet.

An eye-popping sheer article of clothing means you want to add some balance with a heavy duty coat or a pair of mom jeans. The juxtaposition will give off a sporty, street vibe that will make you look confident from head to toe.

Cargo Pants

Everyday Jewelry to Wear:

Chain Necklace: Draw attention to your sheer top with a bold chain necklace. This high quality silver necklace will help create that edgy look you’re going for.

Starling Bracelet: What’s great about this bracelet is that it’s super fun and flirty. With its star shaped charms, this bracelet will give you a layer of cute so you look a lot more approachable and quirky while wearing your bold outfit.

Denim Tops

When you hear “denim” you probably think of jeans. I mean, us too. But in 2023, denim can mean a dress, a jumper, or a shirt. Denim has been reimagined! You’re going to see people wearing dark denim everywhere. The look is more subtle and fashionable than in the past, like a denim mini dress with prim white buttons or a loose denim shirt paired with a flowy pair of pants for a relaxed model-esque look.

You’ll want to find a variety of soft materials to pair with a denim top or dress. This will give you that laid back look the runway has been aiming for. Denim can have a bit of a rough look thanks to its sharp edges, but the right jewelry can help balance it out.

Cargo Pants

Everyday Jewelry to Wear:

Bar Necklace: Since denim is so aggressive, it can really help to have this delicate necklace dangling down your chest. It’s the perfect necklace to add a soft touch to your denim look.

Wishing Crystal Hoop Earrings: These dainty hoops have a gemstone at the bottom. You can choose from a large list including opal, green jade, purple amethyst, and aquamarine. Adding a beautiful gemstone to your hoops will make you look one with nature, like you just came back from a glamping trip or a music festival.

Shiny Material

When you think of a shiny, silver dress, you probably think of a very fancy evening event. But in 2023, shiny silver clothing is meant for work or daytime activities. The key is to match the shiny piece of clothing with a very relaxed piece of clothing. You’ve probably seen models wearing a stunning wrap-around silver skirt with a plain old cotton tank top. Metallic trousers are another great option, which can be paired with a dark blouse or dress shirt.

Cargo Pants

Everyday Jewelry to Wear:

Mood Ring: If you want to keep shiny, silver clothing casual, consider some fun jewelry like a mood ring. This everyday jewelry will keep you looking playful and relaxed.

Bamboo Cuff: A loose cuff paired with a loose metallic shirt would give off “I’m on a tropical vacation, don’t bother me” vibes. This is a great addition to any outfit that you want to look sophisticated yet down to earth.

Did you enjoy our suggestions? If you need a little more inspo, take a look around the rest of our jewelry collections. We have an incredible selection of everyday jewelry pieces that will help you take on today’s trends while remaining true to your individual style!