Nesting mom? Neat freak? Love organizing? Join us in our organization era.

Been looking for an accordion bag? Us too. So we decided to create the accordion bag in sunset inspired hues. 

Get a dopamine hit and liven up your look with our playful and colorful accordion bag. Featuring six conveniently separated compartments, it's the perfect companion to stash your phone, keys, and other goodies and stay organized on the go. Made of 100% durable and colorful nylon. Shop it here

We're utilizing it for: 

  • Storing travel essentials so your passport and charger can be easily found
  • Stashing away our nail polish and manicure supplies
  • Organizing our kids' stickers and trinkets
  • Sorting our claw clips and hair accessories
  • Perfecting our car organization
  • and of course, carrying and sorting jewelry