Adding an extra layer to your ensemble is not just limited to your clothing; you can also do the same with your jewelry. When it comes to women's fashion, one of our favorite looks is to layer several dainty necklaces on top of one another, and it just so happens that the “layered look” is growing in popularity.

While there’s no denying that this is a cute style anyone can adopt, there are some complications that arise when wearing multiple necklaces at once. Dainty necklaces frequently becoming entangled with one another is the most typical issue, but you also might struggle with chain lengths and how to make your layered jewelry look just right.

If you're wondering how to wear multiple necklaces at once without them becoming tangled together, this article is for you! We’ll highlight the benefits of using necklace extenders as well as a few rules of thumb for wearing several necklaces at once.

What Exactly Are Necklace Extenders?

Varying necklace lengths are normal, especially if you own a wide variety of different necklaces from different brands or in different styles. This isn’t usually an issue until you need to change the length of a necklace in order to make it fit a certain outfit or pair well with another necklace.

You can easily add length to any necklace with the help of a necklace extender, which is a small removable chain extension. A necklace extender is the only necklace accessory you'll ever need for this, as it can be easily attached to and detached from any of your existing chain necklaces.

The reliable necklace extender chain is the key to the correctly proportioned lengths of any of our signature necklace stacks. For instance, the length of our Milky Way Disc Chain Necklace may be adjusted from a choker style (14" - 17.5") to a more relaxed, lower position below the collarbone to accommodate a wide range of neck and breastbone lengths.

With the help of our dainty necklace extenders, you can start mixing and matching your favorite necklaces without fear of getting a cluttered or haphazard look. Here are a few tips for perfecting your layered look:

Layer Necklaces with Various Lengths

Choose chains of varying lengths so that you may layer them effectively. Pairing a shorter necklace with a longer one is not only a stylish choice but also keeps the chains from becoming tangled up.

There are no strict limits on the number of necklaces you can wear at once, so feel free to experiment. Even if you don't have necklaces of various lengths, you can easily modify their lengths by purchasing one of our necklace extenders. If you want to keep your necklaces from getting tangled up with each other, this is the easiest solution.

Lay Them Apart

The distance between the chains on your chest is the most important factor to take into account while attempting to wear layered necklaces.

Necklace spacing should be adjusted according to the dress or neckline. Separating the necklaces further apart is preferable. Chains are unlikely to become tangled up with each other if there's adequate room between them.

If you are wearing more than one pendant or locket, it’s best to space them at least an inch apart otherwise it could look crowded. With simple dainty chains or charm necklaces, you can easily stack them closer together or even nearly on top of one another, however the more spaced they are the less chance of any entanglement happening, and generally it will look better too.

The Importance of Owning Several Necklace Extenders

Dainty Necklace extenders will become your new best friend if you ever find yourself in need of a little extra length in a necklace or want to experiment with new layering techniques. Perfect for extending a choker chain that's too short for your comfort or a necklace that doesn't reach quite high enough when worn with a particular top, these are simply essential to have in your collection so that all of your necklaces will be as adaptable as possible.

Also, this is the most convenient method for personalizing your jewelry collection. If you want to stack two delicate necklaces that complement each other but they fall at the same point on your neckline, simply attach an extender to one of them and you’re good to go!

necklace extender

How Do You Know Which Necklace Extension to Buy?

Our gold jewelry extenders make it so that any extensions you use would be completely invisible with your gold or rose gold necklaces. When it comes to plated necklaces, it doesn't matter what the base metal is because our perfect extenders are composed of gold plating.

All of our necklace extender sets complement necklaces made of any karat of solid gold and were designed specifically for use with our wide selection of dainty jewelry pieces. Using our adjustable necklace extenders ensures the smoothest possible transitions between links.

If you’re thinking about getting into the layering world, take a look at the different everyday necklaces we have available here and pick up a few extenders. In no time you will be able to put together a variety of cute and unique looks for any occasion!