Wondering how you can help your boutique stand out this year? If you want more foot traffic and sales in your retail store, these tips are sure to help.

Below we’ll outline some guidance on sourcing high-quality wholesale boutique jewelry, how to layout your store, and more.

1.Upgrade Your Jewelry Selection

Even if your boutique’s primary focus is clothing or shoes, an attractive collection of delicate jewelry could be exactly what you need to set your store apart.

The right jewelry pieces are the perfect complement to stylish and trendy clothing items, and work great as ways to upsell and cross-sell. Jewelry displays placed artfully in high traffic areas of your store could really help boost your store’s overall revenue, while also creating a dynamic element to the atmosphere of your store as well, something we’ll go into more detail about below.

Here are some great wholesale boutique jewelry suggestions that you can find right here at Honeycat Jewelry:

delicate mood rings

Mood Rings

What better way to get some attention on your boutique than to offer a modern twist on an old favorite? Our delicate mood rings come in three varieties (Mini, Solar, and Signet style), and are perfect for shoppers looking for something a little offbeat and whimsical that will still go with most outfits.

Everyday Necklaces and Chains

Who doesn’t need a cute everyday necklace or two to wear out? We have an impressive collection of different dainty necklaces to choose from, including box chain necklaces, chain choker necklaces, charm necklaces, and more. Plenty of variety to keep your shoppers coming back for another look!

Earring Essentials

Another surefire hit would be to include some of our simple yet striking hoop earrings in your boutique. Our delicate earrings come in a variety of different sizes and styles, which would look great on display in any store. Crystal baguette hoops, crossover hoops, and double hoops are all popular options that are currently available and on-trend!

2. Work on the Vibe

This is an underrated part of cultivating a boutique that shoppers keep coming back to. At the end of the day it’s all about creating a memorable experience, something shoppers will resonate with and that will leave a lasting impression.

delicate mood rings

The products you offer are only one part of the equation. The “vibe” is such an underrated aspect of creating a brand that people connect with. You want people to feel a certain way when they enter your boutique.

Creating a great atmosphere within your store relies on a combination of decorative accents, proper layout, and presentation.

Take your layout for instance. How many times have we entered a boutique only to feel either lost as to where anything is, or hemmed in because the place is crowded and doesn’t have clear foot paths? These little elements matter, because if it’s one thing shoppers don’t like to be, it’s frustrated.

Help make the shopping experience better by being conscious of where you place your products. Create a natural flow or path for your shoppers to travel, and leave plenty of space in certain areas where customers are more likely to need it, such as near the checkout counter.

Think of creative ways to display small items (such as boutique jewelry!) so that they are at eye level with the shoppers. No one wants to bend down to the floor just to view a ring! Counter displays are a great option for small jewelry pieces because they ensure that customers will take note during the course of shopping.

3. Customer Service is a Must

Every store owner should know the value of treating their customers with respect and care. However, there are probably ways you can improve upon your level of service and make the shopping experience that much more meaningful for everyone who enters your boutique.

Start by making sure you go out of your way to greet your shoppers and offer them help in a friendly manner. This is retail 101, but it’s surprising how many stores still don’t take this to heart. Your shoppers should feel welcomed and at ease, and if they need assistance they should know that it’s right at hand.

Next consider adding incentives to the shopping experience. BOGO sales are always popular - you can rotate different sales depending on the day of the week or make them seasonal instead. Create a rewards program or throw in some free goodies if shoppers subscribe to your email list. You could also try running giveaways on your social media channels and advertise these promotions prominently within your store.

Now’s The Time to Transform Your Boutique

Did you enjoy these tips? With just a few simple adjustments, it’s easy to make any boutique stand out.

If you are interested in adding some stylish boutique jewelry to your store’s selection, we recommend exploring our website and looking through the variety of different everyday jewelry pieces we offer. Everything from charm necklaces to essentials such as stud earrings and gold cuff bracelets, you are sure to find something to add to your store this year.