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Materials & Care

Our jewelry is composed of 24k gold plated, 18k rose gold plated, rhodium plated, or sterling silver plated brass. We finish each piece with a protective coating that allows it to hold up better against daily evils like sweat, which typically makes jewelry susceptible to tarnishing. Our materials composition make for an amazing, wearable, high quality, seamless jewelry piece with longevity. Our bragging rights are that our items look way more than they cost.

We strive to be the marriage between fashion and fine jewelry and to be an affordable, high quality alternative, to fine jewelry. We use the highest quality materials possible within the fashion jewelry price range.

How do I take care of my HONEYCAT Jewelry?

Jewelry should be kept away from cleaning agents, beauty products, and water, and stored in a cool, dry place to discourage tarnishing (pro-tip: this is how you should care for all your jewelry). Clean your jewelry with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth when necessary.


24k Gold Plate
24k gold, in our opinion, the prettiest shade of bright gold. Plated over brass, you get the luxury shine with the fashion jewelry price tag.

18k Rose Gold Plate
18 karat rose gold is 4% silver added to 75% gold and 21% copper to give a gorgeous rose color. This pink metal is plated over a brass base so you get the same look of fine jewelry at a fraction of the cost.

Sterling Silver Plate
Sterling silver plates all our rings. We think the bright white silver of sterling gives our rings a special POP! Plated over brass, you have an beautiful affordable piece.

Rhodium Plate
We plate our silver colored necklaces and earrings in rhodium, due to it's vibrant color and durability. Rhodium one of the costliest precious metals due to its rarity, so we counteract the price by plating the rhodium over brass.