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Petite Gemstone Charm


A petite gemstone charm to supercharge your good vibes & energy - wear this when you need a reminder or nudge of motivation.

Available solo to string onto your necklace or bracelet of choice at no additional cost - simply note the pairing at checkout. Please specify whether you're like the gemstone attached at the clasp or onto the chain. 

All wishing crystals come with card noting the stone's karma, which makes this item gift giving ready. 

  • Clear Quartz provides harmony.
  • Rose quartz harvests love.
  • White Howlite brings awareness and wisdom.
  • Red Japser provides stability and emotional equilibrium.
  • Jade creates wealth and balance.
  • Aquamarine brings smoothness and calmness.
  • Opal inspires love, hope, luck, and happiness.
  • Amethyst gives power and strengthens your intuition.
  • Onyx protects and grounds you.
  • Moonstone harvests love and understanding.
  • Turquoise provides strength and creativity.
  • Blue Lapis manifests friendship and truth.

Each stone is approximately 4 mm x 4 mm. Due to the unique nature of each stone, please note that size, shape, and color will vary slightly.