HONEYCAT is a California-based, female-founded and women-led jewelry brand started by two best friends, Julie & Jo. We design high-quality, delicate jewelry founded on the belief that every woman should feel pretty on a day to day basis without having to trend-chase or spend a fortune. We strive to be the marriage between fashion and fine jewelry and to be an affordable, high quality alternative, to fine jewelry. We use the highest quality materials possible within the fashion jewelry price range.

Our jewelry is designed to be classic, simple, meaningful and able to be worn everyday. Like a layer of mascara or perfume, we hope putting on a piece of our jewelry becomes a staple part of your morning routine.

HONEYCAT was organically created from a need we saw missing in today’s jewelry market. I had a women's boutique and could never find high quality jewelry at an affordable price point for my customers. Too often I ran into $400 necklaces priced way above budget, $8 necklaces made of lousy materials, or $60 necklaces in mediocre materials lacking longevity. Cue HONEYCAT’s entrance of high quality, effortless pieces at sensible prices.


HONEYCAT is ever-evolving and always changing for the better. We like to get into the nitty gritty to get things just right. Whether it be design, packing, plating, pricing, or the functionality of a piece, we’re constantly scrutinizing our product and process for opportunities to improve. We want to do everything we can so you love every piece of jewelry as much as we do.

Here’s a few tweaks we’ve recently made for you: 
  • THE PERFECT FIT: So you always get the fit and look you want, we’ve expanded our ring sizing selection and have added standardized extenders on all our necklaces and bracelets.
  • LONGER LIFE: To prolong the life of your fashion jewelry, we’ve increased the thickness of the fine plating on every piece. With special care and a loving handle, your HONEYCAT jewelry should last a long time.
  • FOREVER PIECES: We've expanded from strictly fashion jewelry to also offering affordable fine jewelry with a growing collection of fan favorites made into 14k solid gold and rose gold.

We’ve been BFFs ever since meeting in our awkward preteen years and finding out we share the same sense of fearlessness and ambition for freedom. We partnered on a handful of businesses in college before going our separate ways and then meeting up again for HONEYCAT. Ever since then it’s been kismet! Together we’ve built a brand we are truly proud of and we’re grateful to have found a passion that gives two besties permission to hang out all the time.

Julie's the Yin to Jo’s Yang, but it’s our core values that keep us going. We believe in positive thinking, getting shit done, and the good (and bad) that karma brings. Our jewelry pieces are indicative of this spirit and we hope they inspire you by way of being a constant reminder of your inner strength and dreams.

We're forever grateful and appreciative of our customers who allow us to do something we love on a daily basis.