Affiliate Program

Do you love Honeycat? We love win-win relationships and would love to reward you for sharing our everyday jewelry that's super wearable, fun, easy to style and layer! We value organic relationships and working alongside others who share our values and genuinely love our jewelry.

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How does your affiliate program work?

Our affiliate program allows you to generate commission by linking visitors to our shop. By placing promotional links within your socials, a visit to our shop through your link resulting in a purchase will earn you a percentage of the sale. We take care of all the order fulfillment and customer service.

Please note our affiliate program is ran through Shopify's Collab Network.

Why should I join?

You'll earn commission in return for bringing us sales and orders. It's a win-win agreement for both of us!

We are so thankful for our customers who are sharing our products sans commission, simply because they love them! We were motivated to start our affiliate program for those customers as a thank you and way to reward them.

What's your partnership criteria?

We value organic relationships, but anyone can apply. We love working alongside creators who were customers first and genuinely love and wear our jewelry.

Does it cost anything?

No, it's absolutely free to start and you'll start earning right away pending your application acceptance.

How much will I get paid?

Our standard commission rate is 10% per transaction.

What about product returns?

If a customer returns a product for a refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud, the commission earned will be debited for that transaction.