Make a Spell Necklace (customizable!)

customize your ❤️ out
Color: Gold

Charming since 2021…

Let's get personal. Make the charm necklace of your dreams and customize your heart out with your choice of Honeycat designed charms including playful shapes, stylized letters, and colorful birthstone bezels you won't find anywhere else. 

Charms will have a fixed, spaced placement on the Willa, Piper, Greta, Elena, Twinkle, and Mercury Chain. You have the option for a fixed, spaced placement of charms on the Olivia and Figaro Chain. All other chains will have freely hanging charms that will touch each other. 

Charm shapes and letters measure about 8mm. Birthstone bezels measure 3.25mm. Mood stone bezel measures 7.5mm. Our materials make for an amazing, high quality, seamless, jewelry piece with longevity. Our necklaces are plated with 18k gold, 18k rose gold, or rhodium and finished with a protective coating. A little secret we’ll keep between us: it looks way more than it costs.

Please note that due to the customized nature of this necklace, returns or exchanges are not accepted.