Magic Charm Necklace (customizable!)

Color: Gold

Tiny charms necklaces thoughtfully designed by us in collaboration with designer, Carolyn Kim. Make it personal by customizing your choice of chain, length, and color. Each necklace comes with an illustrated, tarot inspired card uniquely designed for each charm, which makes this necklace gift giving ready. Choose your charm and cast your spell. 

Are you looking to personalize and add more than one charm to your necklace? Then our Make a Spell Necklace is the right one for you. 

Spells Cast:

Bunny: abundance

Butterfly: self-expression

Bow: gifts of love

Cactus: endurance

Cat: independence

Croissant: generosity

Dagger: sharp & clever

Daisy: joy

Diamond: purity & faithfulness

Dove: peace & freedom

Face of grace: beauty & radiance

Fern: health & strength

Grapes: wealth & abundance

Hand:  friendship & generosity

Heart: love & compassion

Heart of Gratitute: gratitude

Horseshoe: luck and protection

Key: success & opportunity

Kitten: dreams

Leaf: personal growth

Lotus: intuition

Moon: power & change

Mushroom: growth

Pegasus: adventure

Pretzel: "you're a snack"

Rainbow: hope

Rose: gratitude & admiration

Shell: protection

Shooting Star: make a wish

Smiley Face: pure joy

Snake: intellect

Sprout: new beginnings

Star: positivity

Starburst: guidance

Strawberry: love & passion

Sun: happiness

Swan: hope & promise

Taiyaki: enlightenment

Our materials make for an amazing, high quality, seamless, jewelry piece with longevity. Our necklaces are plated with 18k gold, 18k rose gold, or rhodium and finished with a protective coating. A little secret we'll keep between us: it looks way more than it costs.

Please note that due to the customized nature of this necklace, returns or exchanges are not accepted.